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While Falkor was in San Francisco, Google staff stopped by to create an impressive Street View tour of the ship. Click on any of the locations below as a starting point and then make your way around just as you would on the streets of your hometown—double clicking to zoom in, and single clicking to move to a new location. You’ll find the basics, like labs, the galley, the library, and staterooms, as well as a few surprises. Hint: see if you can find the captain’s folding mountain bike. With over 300 panoramic views on 9 different levels, this is the most complicated Google Innerspace Street View collection to date.

Control Room This is Falkor’s scientific heart. It’s where crew and science teams control remotely operated vehicles, the ship’s sonar systems, and other equipment.



Engine Room And this is Falkor’s mechanical heart, where you can see the two diesel engines that produce nearly 8,000 horsepower.




 Bridge This is the command center where the captain and other crewmembers control the ship’s movements, and keep an eye on research and other activities.



 Sauna & Lounges Falkor is first and foremost a research vessel, but the ship does include a few places for scientists and crew to rest after long shifts. 



 Crows Nest Take a safe climb up for rare views of the ship, San Francisco, and the bay.