Schmidt Ocean Institute supports oceanographic research projects that help expand the understanding of the world's oceans through technological advancements, intelligent observation and analysis, and open sharing of information. 


The world's oceans understood through technological advancement, intelligent observation, and open sharing of information.


We combine advanced science with state-of-the-art technology to achieve lasting results in ocean research, to catalyze sharing of the information, and to communicate this knowledge to audiences around the world.  We foster a deeper understanding of our environment.

Our mission is intentionally broad, as we approach ocean research from the technological, operational, and informational perspectives:  We maintain and operate R/V Falkor as a technologically advanced oceanographic platform suitable for multidisciplinary research.  We provide our collaborators with free access to R/V Falkor with her on-board equipment and associated technical support in exchange for a commitment to openly share the resulting scientific data and communicate the research findings.


The following values embody our culture and work practices:

  • Integrity:  We are committed to the highest ethical standards.
  • Accountability:  We honor our commitments.
  • Professionalism:  We take disciplined and informed approach in planning our activities.  We are diligent in execution and performance evaluations.  We learn from both our successes and failures.
  • Collaboration:  We appreciate that our impact is leveraged by the efforts, knowledge, and resources of our collaborators. 
  • Sharing:  We openly share our knowledge and discoveries.
  • Open-mindedness:  We keep our minds open to perspectives that are different from our own.